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Reviews for "Dromad"


nicely done! very simple and addictive.

great game

love the game and also i get the greates score :D
for now...

ConnorUllmann responds:

Okay, I didn't even think 520 was POSSIBLE; my highest is 320 and I made the darn thing... haha Good job, and I'm very glad you like it!

Loved it

That's definitely awesome.

Very good game

Love what you did with this simple concept, this game certainly deserves more recognition. The mechanic of banking kills for extra lives was very interesting and created cool meta-gaming for me. Graphics were great and the new enemies and weapons made incentive to try for higher scores.

Another great game by Time!!

It's simple, fun, and addictive, and one of the funnest flash arena shooters ever. I love it. The only problem I have, and this is nitpicking in the grand scheme of things, is that the difficulty suddenly ramps us without enough of warning and becomes overwhelming, but that's also what makes it fun! 10/10 5/5