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Reviews for "Cube Droid"

Looks can be deceiving

I'll start with the obvious: this game is packaged well and is one of the better games on the site frontend-wise. The graphics are crisp and well-rendered. I especially liked the 3-D transitions between levels. The music was appropriate in tempo and mood as well, giving the overall appearance that this is a well done game, which it is...but also isn't.

The puzzles in the game were ok at best. I could tell without even reading the description that this was heavily inspired by Lolo on NES. So heavily in fact, that the only thing you didn't include was the ability to briefly turn enemies into eggs to use as crates. The puzzles in that game were legendary in their penchant for making you tear your hair out in frustration. The really tough levels not only required solving the layout, but you had to have lightning fast reflexes to do it. There was one way to solve the level and any mistep was failure even if you survived. YOUR levels on the other hand, kind of put me in the mindset of 'Oh, I just have to figure out how to block all the enemies before i get the last battery and stroll to the pod with very little danger.

The only danger that I actually came across was in the form of the sloppy controls the game employs. If you have to push a crate in a game like this, have the character snap to a more defined grid. Sometimes when I would tap up on the keyboard, Cubey would go up one square, while other times he would just continue moving until the second or third tap in a different direction. I tried to adapt to this. I made it to the third planet constantly telling myself the unresponsive character wasn't a good enough reason to rage quit. But there ARE puzzles in this game that require you to HOLD the directional key and release at the right moment. Tapping is too slow and gets you killed, and if you realease but the character decides not to stop you get killed. That really deteriorates the experience when you can solve a puzzle in your head before you even take your first step, but the game's controls won't let you execute.

If this game were a bowl of ice cream, the fun would be chocolate and the frustration would be strawberry. But it's started melting, so now the two flavors are all swirled together and you can't tell them apart. You really have something here. Lolo was pretty much overlooked by a lot of people in the NES heyday and htis game too has untapped potential. If you were to refine the controls and make them more usable, I think it would strengthen the game to the point where the uninspired puzzle design would hardly be a noticable concern.

Old idea, excellent execution.

There is not anything new, except (?) the puzzles.
The plot is a bit too obvious: a random hero saves the galaxy/universe/etc..

The Graphics is good, very good. The 3d models used in the beginning of evey level are impressive for a flash game, the animations are good, like the effects and the colors used.

I didn't care much about the sound, except for the songs. AHHH THE SONGS! They are annoyng! SO MUCH ANNOYNG. At least, they're fitting.

The gameplay, well, it's perfect. Balanced, bugless, and it obviously needs a bit of brain. But, there's nothing special. There are lots, lots and lots of games better that that one.


Good game

This is a solid well put together game. Graphics are nice and music fits well. I have found one of my favorite new games. Great job!


great game overall, really got me thinking about how to solve each one. the only things that i have issues with are the sticky controls, like others have said, and the fact that i was able to solve world 6-4 in quite a few less steps than what u showed on ur demo. i didnt even have to go over to the left side of the screen. other than that, great, keep up the good work

Nifty dog

Looks good, solid controls, love the 'loading' screen being 3D between levels. My only issue was the difficulty, there wasn't a single level that I really had to think about. Make it a little tougher, and you're golden.