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Reviews for "Cube Droid"


3/5, an ok game. Just ok, nothing new. I mean, this is exactly the same than Adventures of Lolo (yes, I readed the author comments/description) but personally, I would prefer to play Adventures of Lolo than this.

Very awesome.

Ok, there are a MILLION games better than this one. This a very fun game for those looking for puzzing puzzes.


I Got Hooked On This Game. I Beat It Entirely Without Pushing The Hint Button.

Awesome Game. Very Addictive

Good but to easy

To easy but I played the game for a long time ^^

Lots of fun!

A bit too easy... but very enjoyable to play. I think you made a mistake making 6-4 though. There's no need to ever go to the left half of the screen... I laughed when I saw it... and even more when I looked at how the walkthrough solved it.