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Reviews for "Cube Droid"

Nice Graphics

Great music and Tranisition sequences. The work put into this really shows. Nice job and fun too!

...eh, i don't like it

it's okay, i guess. reminds me of wall-e. went as far as level 5, but got tired of it.

Good game

The gameplay is good, looks good, and plays good.

pretty fun and very well drawn

Great art and great design, I mean do get me wrong its nothing like brand-spankin new but still very fun and surprisingly challenging I didnt think it would have any difficulty due to the cartoonish nature, but I was wrong Kudos Chaz. Really the only reason I am not giving this a 10 is that its not original

shoddy controls

nice gameplay, but the controls stick, either you over shoot and cause death or you screw up the puzzle.