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Reviews for "Plumet 2"

I for one, loved it.

Classic, simple, medals and fun. All what a game needs. :)

What I did like most though, was the music. Really great and fitting!
Controls were okay, don't know what people below me were talking about.
Gameplay tends to be a little repetitive, however I like how you threw in a 2 player mode in there.

Overall, really, really great job. Faved.

awesomeness your name is plumet2

great game, great music.. nuth said:D

Very Addictive

Fun gameplay got me addicted. since practically every time I played I unlocked a new costume!

Simplistic and Fun!

Nothing more fun than dropping down 10 levels seamlessly, it's a great feeling. Just one thing, when choosing skins for Player 2, you cannot choose either the Knight or the Bunny. Everything else looks fine.

That was a good fall, I don't see any reason besides the badges to play this much more but it's a good game and is nice for casual gaming.