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Reviews for "Plumet 2"

great game

its very nostalgic, like i sitting in math class playing TI 83 games all over again. so anyway on to the constructive criticism.
1. music
2. character selection
3. quick easy game to get into and become drawn into

1. its pretty straight forward game play and might not hold the attention of some of todays A.D.D gamers

1. you could put more levels in and add a plot as to why your falling. At the very least add another background sequence as it gets old eventually.

2. add more customization with the character if we could choose leg, torso, and head, then we could mix and match so i could have a chicken with a pumpkin head woot!

3. perhaps some power ups ex. one might let you fall through the ground once for those time you are about to die ect....

4. also the pattern becomes quite predictable so some more variation would be nice.

5. the addition of enemies when you get far would be interesting, to slow you down

well thats all i can muster at the moment its getting late and i cant think straight lol. Oh and thanks for the fun!


1137 meters on my first try!

I don't get it....

I mean I get the premise of the game, but I don't get how it's fun and on the front page. Falling? Really? "Do a barrel roll!" Um....okay. The music was annoying and repetitive. The graphics were average. Why front page? Why high scores? I am baffled, bewildered, perplexed, and confounded. 5/10 - an average score for an average game.


798 meters first try!

Couldn't Stop

Till I got all the characters. Music was very catchy. Gamplay... well once you get pass 1200m its really all about luck and reaction speed. There are some point were the ledge to jump is right next to the hole and once you jump up... you die.

Nice preppy game for casual and bored players for a quick pick me up. Not sure for those easily frustrated hardcore gamers who explode in fury on every death.

Grand game for simple pleasure... not for rank games lol.