Reviews for "F-zero-Mute City-Metaljonus"


I haven't heard the original, but I still dig it. I especially like how the keyboards are used effectively for the atmospheric affect rather than for solos (even though I like keyboard solos). I would like to see if you can cover any of the tracks in the f-zero x guitar arranged edition!


That was chool man! The keyboards were cool as fuck. I actually remade this one myslef. Check it out on my profile! There's no keyboards in my version though :-(
Anyway, cool remake, F-Zero fucking rules!

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks gore!

Pure Gold.

Loved the light feel of techno with a fast pace which took a lot of effort to pull off to make a one great song into an even better one,astonishing job! *downloaded!* =D

i would just like to add..

for your forbidden love - it reminds me a lot of the star ocean 3 songs they play and that middle part reaslly threw me off - now on to this song :p

why is it that I never notice when other ppl submit to my genre? I never get to see these songs - they get downrated and are off the charts by the time I do my routine checking!

This song it pretty good - you're a good guitarist - maybe I could call on you sometime if I need real guitar? :P

neways good stuff manb keep it up - Im sorry I dont venture out and review more but I am a vg reviewing hermit :P


Still really awesome

I don't know what F-Zero Mute City sounds like, but I'm sure this is still a rockin' homage to it. I enjoyed this one as much as the others I have heard; I will have to flay you with your own skin, twice, if you stop producing kickass tunes!