Reviews for "EVolution-abduction ep1"


Loved every minute of this. You're only seventeen? By golly there is hope for the future. The characters are easy to identify with. The dialogue is witty, and the voices are matched wonderfully. Animation is done well also. I hope you intend on making a series; for this is an awesome pilot episode. 10/10 5/5!! keep 'em coming, d00d.

EVanimations responds:

THIS is the pilot, submitted a little under a year ago:
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /533882


i live in chicago!


Can't wait for the sequel !!

A furture guy, a regular sensable guy and an 800s

you have agreat series especially at the end there is no reasoning with a creatard


sweet animations
great voice acting
cant w8 till the next