Reviews for "EVolution-abduction ep1"

this flash is crunk, fo' shizzle!

animation: 10
audio: 8
story: 8

Great but...

He never gets around to telling them why he has abducted them. Like the last reviewer, I got a real laugh out of No Battery remember? Easy ten on this one.

Loved it.

If the main idea was stated in the last line, then 10/10. If not, I don't care, still a 10, if for nothing else than "No battery, remember?" seriously though, nice job all round, though maybe back away from the mic a bit.

nicely done

duologue was good animation was also good the only thing was the audio it was kinda rough at parts but other than that it was great!

Review by datbadger

Should be made into the next dot dot dot.

And i loved this movie x3