Reviews for "EVolution-abduction ep1"

I love it.

i cant wait till the next one,Also i like the uh Future humans Attitude.

It's good,but....

Okay,this is turning out good so far but I don't like how Brian said "There IS no reasoning with the creatard.I AM a Christian,and even so,I would never insult another religious group.

EVanimations responds:

well, im cool with whatever religion you choose to believe in, as long as you're not SO devout that you believe the universe was created by anything that science can't prove (i.e. intelligent design).

Because if so, you're not the kind of person i would hang out with.


just saying.

Very cool

First of all the future technology looks pretty sweet. Second this seems very well made. Third I really like the part where Xleek (that is the same dude that was in the piolt right?) said that he was more human than Brian and Meredith it kinda makes me think about the way humans look at things. Look forward to more from this series in the future.


Great job. I was ready to write this off as another boring and over done alien abduction comedy. But this really surprised me. Great dialogue and originality. The humor is great and fluid. Nothing seems forced and everything is great from the animation to the story. It is literally noting I have seen before. Great job dude keep it up I see a lot of potential in this series and can't wait to see more eps.


A little time away can make all the differance, the first vid I watch ended in "killer" (The truth is worse) furry's, then there's this, The first in a series I had been looking foreward to... :D

Its everything I had hoped for, the humor was exeptionnall and it has that spark, it was in RvB, it was in Awesome, now its in this, stick with this... It WILL be big.

EVanimations responds:

i cant tell you how happy i am that you compared my humor to red vs blue. :D