Reviews for "EVolution-abduction ep1"


I loved the futuristic-large headed-big eyed-human beings idea! N ya i don't know what story you're thinkin, but this one was good!

'Tis Love.

I would rather this not to be just another generic 'review' saying the animation is great full stop, but I think that's how it's going to turn out.

This is honestly my favourite series on Newgrounds so far. I'm extremely interested in the subject, the animation and the voice acting is superb, I'm interested throughout it and want more. It's nice seeing people from different time periods interacting too.

But yeah, top notch job, I love it.


Very good


Its missing something

until they get on the Space/time machine there is little real emotion....while i enjoyed the conversation in the space thing Meredith seems to be far to passive as a medieval Serf being lifted into the sky. if anything there need to be a little bit more Comical movements...why does the medieval peasant speak English???? ithink im being far to literal in this. It was a really entertaining little feature i just hope that it becomes more "animated" as time goes by...


As a science fiction fan, I find this very well put together. You're animating has improved ten-fold, and the voice acting is much better. The concept is also great , if you're profile description sums it up accurately (Doctor Who, much?). The science is well predicted, and Xleek's reasoning just made all Grey believers stop watching this.

One thing; This took a long time to make. Is it always going to be this long, or did this one just take a while because it was difficult to hone your skills?

EVanimations responds:

this one took a long time because 2 months after i started 11 months ago, my computer crashed because of a virus, it had to go to the shop for 2 months, and when it came back, i had to rebuild it from scratch. i worked on the sprites for the game for 3 months, then focused on this one. The second, finished product is what you see.

in short, unless the file gets corrupted every time i start something, it should only take a month or two to complete each project ;)