Reviews for "EVolution-abduction ep1"


In fact, I like this so much, MAKE MOARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! =D

Pretty damn awesome

I had to start the thing over to sign in, so yeah - any way ... pretty cool. Like it so far. The animations fairly smooth, voices are nice, humor subtle. I do agree with Mr. Sound Guy downstairs in that the sound is a bit high - but I do hope you make a sequel.

huge setup to a punch line!

I like it!

when will the next episode be churned out?

as a sound guy.

it was just irritating hearing the audio peak a few times. i should have to turn the volume up rather than down. consider that next time you're mixing down the audio. other than that, i love the show already and can't wait to see what happens next. keep it up.


nice job man that was pretty good