Reviews for "EVolution-abduction ep1"


I love.

Plot is promising.
Graphics have their own style, it's catchy.

Just a thing: watch out for the saturation of the sound when you make your sound recordings.... kind of hurt the ears. Still, voice acting is good.
Changes us from the usual "oh i'm doing crap to be sarcastic" crap from newgrounds.

Quite Clever

Overall, 3/5 : 7/10

Audio: 8/10
Animation: 6/10
Plot: 8/10

The BGM and sound's were fine. nothing wrong there, however the distorted voices and average voice acting in most parts kinda let you down a bit.

On the animation side of the flash, It was okay, A bit heavy on the gradience for my liking but all in all, it was okay...

The plot was quite clever indeed, however you failed to disclose any information about any of the characters, why these two people from different time zones have been abducted and why they are 'chained' to the wall.
The part about the 'Alien' being just an evolved human was really clever, and the way you explained it was really well done.

Final Summation, A little more time and effort will really project your future flashes much better.
If this is the life for you then I strongly suggest that you lash out and buy a decent microphone, practice voice acting and try to get help/collaborate with others who have done the same thing.
You certainly have the making of a good animator, you just need to keep at it.

Alright for the front page.

good job

Can't w8 4 the game

More please

Interesting storyline, flawless animation. The beams of light and the inside of the space ship was nicely done, I was just bummed when it was over :/. Interesting perspective as well, i'd love to see what happens next.


I love the storyline and artwork here. This is an original story with great characters.
The only thing I really found that needs improvement is that the microphone cracked several times. The voices were great, but I would suggest investing in a better quality mic in the near future.