Reviews for "EVolution-abduction ep1"

ahhh.. this is lovely. and I see there is more.

ha. I had a weird shit encounter once, in my bedroom. This shadow shit with red eyes came up to me at night when I was in bed, and I was like, oh fuck no. if you can't be nice FUCK OFF. and holy shit it did. I dunno wtf that thing was (mothman??? bad food? hallucinations?) but it was like, f no I'ma gtfo. Great night. I was half-asleep, but I was also half-awake. GOD I'd like to know waht the fuck that was. Like, LULZ, right? yeesh. Creatards... god yes. Ancient Alien Theory ftw. Hypothetically, of course. I just wish we knew whatever IT was, so we could stop debating and wondering, you know? thousands of years of wondering is long enough.

LMAO! The whole thing is hilarious and the art style is awesome! Great job!

lol nice I like the end lol "there is no reasoning with a creatard " lol

Hey, hope you dont mind but can i use this storyline for my english essay about alien abduction?

EVanimations responds:

Of course! However, I guess I'm a month late seeing this, so whatever.

haha "mate me with a supermodel against my will"......??? HAHAHA!