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Reviews for "Operation L.O.A.D"

Controls, eh.

The game seems fine, but it's maybe bogged down with too many abilities and controls. I got lost easily.

That link to your site in the bottom right corner

If I accidentally click that link again, i'm going to pull out your trachea and strangle you with it. >_<


Some may call this a bias opinion, but this game turned out really good! It's so much more fun now that its all together! I wish I could have helped with this one, but to be honest, if it would have changed the way this ended up, I'm perfectly fine with just playing over and over!

Maybe I'm just good at this game, but I've been reading the reviews and I haven't had any of the problems that people are talking about. I found each difficulty was quite true to it's name. And about the people who didn't know to follow the missile, or how to, did the message window not pop up that throws the instructions right in your face? I've actually started to get annoyed by it! Also, I find the controls perfect, I always dislike it when a game is played half on the keyboard and half with the mouse, I find myself getting disorientated, similar to rubbing your belly and patting your head. (did I mention my mouse pad is on my belly and my keyboard on my head..?)

I'm really disappointed that people are rating this game on how visible the instructions are, and not on the overall game play, graphics, and so on. But I do know that this game does not deserve a score as close as it is to any of my submission scores.

Newgrounds is so weird, ever notice how you rarely see any review scoring between 3 and 7? It's almost like there's only 3 types of people; people who love it so much they can take the time out of their busy day to press the "5" button, people who's opinion we'll never know because they didn't vote, and people who were clicking and clicking and nothing was happening so they get all upset and decide instead of trying to figure out what they're doing wrong, they'll punish the submission for not navigating to the instruction page when they wanted it to. That's just how it seems, no online bullying intended. ;D

Good job, you worked hard and deserve the front page!

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"your game requires me to think, therefore it is worthless..."

Controls were awkward, but otherwise good

The music, game play, etc was good. But the controls were wonky. It was difficult getting the laser to shoot sometimes. It was difficult to target the enemies since there was so much on the screen (explosions, stars, energy/salvage orbs, etc) that everything started to blur together. Good game, though. Had fun!

great game

nice flash game, except I couldn't melee or fire rockets, like it says in the instructions.