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Reviews for "Pace Maker"


good game, sound is too loud. WAY TOO LOUD. screamer alert!!!


good game definitely worth ten stars

it freezes a ton but I think that because of flash being discontinued, overall I love the game and i'm sad that it froze for me with whatever is going on

amidos2006 responds:

Sorry to hear that, but glad you liked it :) maybe you could try to have local flash installed on ur machine and get the swf file from either here or from https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/ :)

Thanks again for this lovely comment :)

Good. But not that good.

Well, what can i say? I think it is nice but could have been better. Gave it a 5 to help :)

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks :) any opinion to make it better :)


It's a fun game, but I got a glitch- It seems that if you move all the way to the bottom of the screen, you can get stuck there...

amidos2006 responds:

I cant find the glitch, I tried going the screen all the way to the bottom but nothing happens can u specify more what happens may be the down bottom only get stuck so if it happens with u again can u try to press the direction u stuck on it and try after pressing the direction to move all around if it move so I will try to solve that but this glitch is common in all flash games when u are pressing a certain button and the game loses focus and gain it again, I will try to fix that.