Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Teqneek"

I believe Eye-Cue has a solid flow and a great amount of disses my favorite was

Ill beat you with arm just like deaf leppards drummer!

Honestly Teqneek has a unique style but im not a big fan and sometimes its harder to understand his lines.

For as much time as this battle took to make you would've thought both mc's would've brought some sick bars and id say both had there few of mediocre bars but eyecue seriously using a gay insult was the saddest waste of filler that could be used but both had there generic disses but id say teq took this with his only flip that really hit at all for sure tho eyecue has the better flow but no depth all self hype pure nonsensical bars and teq brought mostly the same but he at least rebutted better and got the closer

Winner: Teqneek

First off I took only 12 days, that's not a month, on the other hand Teqneek took just s long to return his first verse, the only diff was I was sick with a cold, and unable to record for a week and half, that whole time I was in contact with TeqNeek. And I quote" no worries man, but the sooner the better". Teq did not contact me for 10 days until he sent his verse to me. He said the reason was his gear was down.The point is either way Red didn't drop the battle till a month later. Anyways me and teq are cool NO BEEF, and I even have two ft.on his album. Best of luck to Teqneek.
Oh and FUCK YOU PONY TAIL! Kill yourself please.

I mean, I don't even wanna vote because Teqneek is probably gonna claim I'm bias, which is fair enough. I'd give it to Eye-Cue though for what its worth.

Fuckin' hell, way to make it hard, lads.

Eye-Cue - Your voice sounds really good on Ax' beats, and your flow (while a little off in places in your second verse) is always great to listen to. You got some great punches in, but "Epitome" and "Louize-Ville" brought me right out of the mood for a second there. Still, you came with some great disses and your levels are better than Teq's. I loved "Awesome ends with Me and Untalented starts with You", that shit is genius!

Teq - I love your flow, and your schemes, but it sounded like you were spitting your verse through a sock or something compared to Eye-Cue's mixes. Even so, you had some good flips, jumping on the mis-pronounced stuff and weaving words together while still keeping that cool you display on a track with such ease. Your flow was spot-on and didn't sound over-loaded or like you were rushing to cram any extras in.

Can I vote for Ax? The beat was fuckin' gorgeous!

No? Okay, well then I gotta give it to Teq (only just, this was a great final battle).