Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Teqneek"

I gotta give this to my man Teq, his verses just sat better with me.

Good battle lads, same time next year?

This was a bad ass battle for sure! Both of you guys are my homies so it really is hard for me to choose a winner. Eye-Cue had that aggressive flow while Teq had the more laid back flow and I think both of those flows complimented each other well. Both had some very nice flips as well! After listening to this battle a few times, I think I'm gonna have to give it to Eye-Cue by a hair. Whoever wins this battle will definitely deserve to be the champ. There are no weak links here and I wouldn't be surprised if Teq wins.

Vote: Eye-Cue

fucccck, good battle. i honestly thought teq was going to win this, but after listening, i think eye-cue took it. "beating you single-handedly like def leppard's drummer" ha good stuff

After several listens to this battle. I am voting for Teq. I liked Eye's flow and delivery, just his aggressive attacks weren't relevant. Great battle people, and great tournament, wish I had at least a fraction of all emcees talents. I would be competing. Again vote for Teq.

This was a really hard battle to decide on, both of you guys went really hard.
I'd love to give my vote to both of you, but Teqneek wins my vote by an inch.