Reviews for "{Final Agression}"

Great energy

This is definitely one of the busiest DnB songs that i've heard in a while. The "epic melodies" starts when the piano's harmonic melody comes pounding in, great way of describing it by the way.

The guitar is mixed perhaps a tad bit too aggresivly in my opinion, but it doesnt make much of a difference because the melodies everywhere are great. Interesting bass synth, its very effective in the way it's used. Great drum loop cornandbeans, and overall well done. 5/5 and downloaded,


cornandbeans responds:

yay! thanks. I was looking for a word to describe it.. I'm glad it worked. :D

I was having mixed feelings about the guitar myself, I should probably consult one of you before submitting. :P Thanks for the review, 5 and download! :D


I think I preffer this version.

It sounds much more epic, with the cymbals being louder and such.

I don't usually vote for songs

But I did for this one cos I know it worth my time =D


this song is sick!!!! pleeeeeeasee make a longer version.

this song is really good but it finishes way too quick... if you made a longer version i'd reeallly like it 5/5 10/10 Faved :D


Evil? I see it as heroic.

I have an active imagination, so I thought up a kind of short story to go with the song:

A hero is at the top of a mountain fortress/temple. Wind and rain rage all around as the hero's greatest nemesis stands before him, a giant among men. If the hero cannont defeat this villan, the apocalypse will be upon us. The hero has come prepared, however. Summoning the spirits of legendary heroes from the past he battles the evil as it threatens to consume him. Thunder rages as they fight and one by one the heroes fall and are banished. But each, in turn, provides a crucial opening for the hero to strike. After a time the hero is once again alone, bruised and outmatched by his opponent. He fights valiantly, but after a time he is disarmed. Laughing in triumph the villan seizes our hero and prepares to devour him. Our hero despairs but then his comrade, whom he had thought slain, appears as if from nowhere (he is a ninja) and strikes a blow to the enemy's hand. As the villain nurses his injury the two friends face him together, ready for anything. The giant attacks with mighty blows that crack the ground, but to no avail. The heroes evade his aggression and respond in kind with their own. After the giant is finished by a strike form each hero he topples to the ground, and the world is safe. Glad to be alive, the two frinds start making their way down the winding mountain road that led them here, hoping that no such threat ever comes into existance again.