Reviews for "{Final Agression}"


this the original ...was darker than v2 but this 1 made my ears pop( maybe cause i'm werin earphones

( 2 much cling )

cornandbeans responds:

yea, that's why I made a second version... a few comments about the annoying stuffs

cling clang poof

some headphones are great, but usually they bring out more of the higher frequencies

"Final Agression"

I'm listening to this on headphones, so keep it in mind, I'll most likely be dissapointed if the high frequencies bug me too much =(

There is only one thing that is actually bugging me in this track, and its a cymbal like hit. It disrupts the entire song, and it hurts my ears =( Its distorted, so that doesnt help either >=(

The song is good though. I enjoy the amount of sickness you threw into the bassline and stuff.

Good work, keep it up!

cornandbeans responds:

Hehe.. Just if you want a less annoying form of this, I updated it.. no more distorted cymbals for me.. :P Hopefully that will smooth the flow of the song. I've started to use more TS404 and 3xOsc, so the bassline was a bit sicker than my usual. Glad you picked up on it. :) Anyway, thanks for the helpful review!


that's cool

Awesome work of the drum kits,and good piano melody.The mix was pretty original(to me,that is).Nice stuff!Hey,check out my two last songs,they're pretty good,you know!

cornandbeans responds:

Thanks! I'll try and review your songs tonight, my sister has to get on the computer.. <_< I really like your SOES collection, so I'm thinking the best! Thanks for the review.


Great energy

This is definitely one of the busiest DnB songs that i've heard in a while. The "epic melodies" starts when the piano's harmonic melody comes pounding in, great way of describing it by the way.

The guitar is mixed perhaps a tad bit too aggresivly in my opinion, but it doesnt make much of a difference because the melodies everywhere are great. Interesting bass synth, its very effective in the way it's used. Great drum loop cornandbeans, and overall well done. 5/5 and downloaded,


cornandbeans responds:

yay! thanks. I was looking for a word to describe it.. I'm glad it worked. :D

I was having mixed feelings about the guitar myself, I should probably consult one of you before submitting. :P Thanks for the review, 5 and download! :D



You make me sick! Lol. I crack myself up sometimes.

("I crack myself up sometimes" is a phrase I have suddenly taken a rather disturbing liking to, and I will strive to use it in as many reviews as possible, the challenge being that I have to come up with something very funny, which doesn't apply to this particular review by the way. There is no reason whatsoever to read this paragraph and that is why it is between brackets)

Great, great beat, if a little undermixed - it tends to get eaten by the synths later on.

So this is the infamous Slayer VST? Hm. It doesn't sound like a guitar, but it sounds too much like a guitar to think it's just a distorted synth. Therefore, I don't like it. Not your fault of course :)

It really builds up well after that though. Lots of different parts to be enjoyed, seamlessly connected and mainting the energy. ZING! cornandbeans level up! You get +3 to your Variety, and gain 10 expression points!

I'd be a little careful with several synths playing the exact same melody (give or take an octave or two), because that can lead to what we happy Dutch people call "painting red roses red", i.e. delivering the exact same message multiple times. Try to make different parts that complement each other, or better yet, are a bit hostile toward each other, it'll make is edgier, which - combined with the edginess you already have at your disposal - will make you AWESOME.

And with that I shall leave you. I'll check Event Horizon, but I must warn you that I generally hate trance, so if it doesn't appeal to me I will have nothing useful to say.

cornandbeans responds:

lol... that's actually not Slayer VST. That's a little ditty I made on sytrus. XD
Anyhow, I can see how you might of mistaken it for something else. The beat.. gah.. I'm listening to it now on speakers and it does sound a bit eaten up by the synths. I'm not sure what you mean by making them hostile toward each other.. dueling leads or something a little more along the lines of shifting the pitches? Hmm. Well, thanks for the very helpful review again, you always give me some great tips to improve.


...btw, Event Horizon really isn't trance at all even though I labeled it that :P