Reviews for "Pixel White"


If you use a song like Beat It, its almost like changing the difficulty to insane. I like it...


Fun for a random boredom killer. It has a few problems though. The block becomes virtually uncontrollable for a short moment after I fall down, but other than that I loved playing it o/

This game is fun.

I say the best type of music for this game is techno. It's just my opinion but i had the most fun playing to Deadmau5. I wonder if dubstep will be fun too?

If you could make the respawn a bit better I seem to be sliding to the side uncontrollably when I respawn.

The most interesting thing I find about this game is how unpredictable it is. You can generally, at best, know when the bars are overall likely to spike, but knowing which ones will spike highest is nigh impossible. So it's an amazing challenge even for songs you know well.

The respawn drift thing seriously needs fixing though. And the bomb should probably reset if you die to falling because there's nothing more annoying than landing on a bomb when you respawn.