Reviews for "Pixel White"

Simply an innovation

Pixel White is a unique game. The author failed to put reliable instructions in the comment section, so I will. The game pretty much takes place on an EQ graph that constantly shifts in time with the music. You control a little white dot and you have to collect notes to increase your score without falling off. If you run out of hearts, you lose. You can collect hearts when they appear.

elmortem and Nex have thought of everything while they made this game. How do you increase the longevity of a game without increasing the download size? Include a Load MP3 function. This is truly revolutionary because it allows you to use music lifted straight from your computer, ensuring that you always play with good music. How can you catch notes that are blocked by a really loud sequence? Press DOWN to bring the EQ to the bottom, collecting the notes on the way.

This is a simple idea executed so well, it's impossible to hate it. Even my brother would play this game with his heavy metal Dragonforce crap. The only real downfall is the inability to gauge the difficulty of a song. I collected 830 points playing the game with Safety Dance, but had loads of trouble just staying on the platforms when I played a DJ Hero mix. Speaking of, these mixes provide the greatest challenge in this game because of their wildly swaying EQ.

Overall, this game suffers the Lock's Quest Dilemma: it's a great game, but no-one will know about it because of the horrible advertising.

Great game

And great song! I'm looking forward to seeing another with more songs (if you plan on making another). It was kinda hard to get some of the items when they were between the lines. But it was still great otherwise!

Reminds me of Music Catch, which is good

I was going to say something along the lines of have the items respawn after a certain amount of time uncollected, but then I saw that you already thought of an alternative to that via the down key. And the 'Add your own MP3' option is a good idea
Would play again


I can load my own mp3 and play listening miy music
I'm waiting for a game as that :D

elmortem responds:

Without a button "Load MP3" would be boring. It would be nice if Newgrounds allows you to set the button Play MP3 in your Audio Portals. (:


Cool game !!!!

elmortem responds:

Thank you. We are pleased that you liked it.