Reviews for "Pixel White"


If you use a song like Beat It, its almost like changing the difficulty to insane. I like it...

Really benefits from downloading other music.

The beginning song I found awful to listen to, so having something to replace it with helped the game a lot. It is a rather basic looking one though. For such a simple and stationary layout there isn't much going on to keep the game fun to watch. I actually found it rather non-sensical that the screen gets dark if you stay away from certain parts of it, as didn't impact the platforming and just took away from the game's presentation.

The only major issue I had with it was that the white pixel was uncontrollable for a couple seconds after dying, and if I had a direction held down right as it died it would persist in moving that way as it spawned at the top of the screen, usually resulting in an unpreventable death.


this is very entertaining, especially having to choose your own music really adds to the game!

Love the music upload part

This is very creative and is great in my opinion since you can contribute a level with your own music.


I've never played a game like this before. It's original and very nice, and the controls are simple and good. The music, which is the important factor on the game, is nice too, and somehow relaxing.

I needed to follow the rythm of the song a bit to predict the length of the bars so I could jump without falling and losing a heart, which if is something on purpose or not, still I liked that.

Nice job!