Reviews for "Pixel White"

This game is fun.

I say the best type of music for this game is techno. It's just my opinion but i had the most fun playing to Deadmau5. I wonder if dubstep will be fun too?

I really loved it but..

.well, the game is fun,
but i would like even more if there was a "endless" version:
Where we die, but have endless lifes,
and also a music loop,
giving us the ability to play as long as we want.

annoying glitch

when ever i lose a life while i was moving i will be unable to control my guy, and die, on a rare occasion i will save my self, but that's my only big problem, great game


Fun for a random boredom killer. It has a few problems though. The block becomes virtually uncontrollable for a short moment after I fall down, but other than that I loved playing it o/

Good, hard to find usable MP3's though

Itunes is dickwads and they won't et you upload music to this, so you have to use a Hack to jailbreak the MP3.
after that, it was awesome.