Reviews for "Monomaze"

loved it

anything less than a 10 is an insult, i seriously enjoyed this, the only reason my browser crashed :( but yeah such a good game :D can't wait for a sequel if you make one, maybe add some powerups and something else to obstruct us rather than just bombs and moves :)

Really Fun + Very Addictive

I really love the game and I especially love the type of place it is in. Futuristic coolness! I really like it.

I was playing it for so long I forgot what I was doing it came so naturally!

Really good game/idea. Nice Work!

The author comments are right...

It is addicting! So simple, yet so deep. Jay is Games is right.


Simple game. This gets very Funny

simple to start

this game goes from very simple to deceptively challenging by having you think a few moves ahead and play conservatively, great game