Reviews for "The Core of Darkness"

Mmm pretty boring

The game becomes monotonous and music didn't help very much, but was a good game overall, good luck next time make sure to get a cool music.

Very cool

I like the game a lot. It's simple but captivating, and the music fits it perfectly.
A few suggestions:

Obligatory call for more types of upgrades (standard for every game these days). There are tons of things you could do with the whole orbiting-dots thing. I'm not saying you have to (too many upgrades adds too much complexity, etc.) but it could be cool...
Maybe give XP for Shrinking the light-blobs, instead of killing them? Late game especially, it seems to be critical to just get the things out of your way and killing them (or even telling them apart from each other) takes up valuable time that you need to spend finding (relative) safety. It seems like if you carve a path through a bunch of light-blobs, you should get something even if you don't actually kill them.
Maybe have light-blobs fuse into stronger light blobs? Might cut down on the lag if 5 light blobs that are close together combine into one mega-blob?
Have the option of not "jumping" to your dots when you let go of the mouse? Not really sure how this would work but I got nailed a few times when I made the mistake of not "walking" my dots back to the core. Just seems like it could be a good feature if the core didn't charge after the blobs when you let go.

robbe responds:

These are all interesting ideas, thanks for that. When I have time/courage to make enhancements or a new game, I'll make sure to watch the reviews again :D.

This sure has potential...

...though it is waaaay too laggy to be enjoyable. Also, the game doesn't pause during upgrade :/

robbe responds:

Yes it does, but PBE fucks it up a little. I set the timescale to 0, but when it lags it takes a while to take effect :s...
PBE sucks big time, but I had to use it for school...


Becomes very laggy, when there are too many white circles.
I suppose you have memory leaks. (movieclips removed form stage not removed from memory)

robbe responds:

I don't know what it is, I destroy the Push Button Engine entities, so I suppose PBE would handle this sort of stuff. I think it's because the circles intersect and collision freaks out a little when they do I guess.


its a cool game, not bad at all. :D

robbe responds:

Thanks, I try my best :)