Reviews for "Bitejacker"

Was good...

I have to drop you down to a 7 from ten though, solely on the grounds that the "Erase Progress" button that I somehow accidentally managed to click had no "Are you sure?" message, but instead just annihilated my progress instantly.


When I went to search the question mark box on dy one, I got stuck, which caused me to die when I started to reload.

A glitch like that messes up an otherwise pretty decent game.

The plot of the game is pretty good nd the graphics are very nice, but that glitched cused me to die on dy one.
Not fun.


whight screen WTF THIS GAME LOOKED GOOD 2 DAMN IM GIVE U A 7 FOR INSTINCT BUT IT WONT PLAY this looked like it had a chanse of being good

great but...

When I got far, major lag in the game play then I died and everyone who was following me. a real disappointment for such a fun game :P better luck nextime

I think it's a great game. The flow is nice, you get to choose if you save someone, you get to choose when to leave, and it has a nice mix of humor, horror, and great layout. Although, the controls are a bit messed up. At some points I can move and sometimes it shows my feet moving as if my controls were working, but it's almost like there is an invisible wall. This can affect the gameplay massively.