Reviews for "Bitejacker"

this game is fantastic

I did notice that some of the progress upgrades are glitched to show, on the pop up, only the first goal to upgrading them


The only problem I had was boss 1 got stuck in a wall and i couldn't finish the battle because of that.

Otherwise, Awesome.

This game is very well-made!

Surprisingly well-made animations, sound effects, music, and very addicting gameplay. I suppose the only thing I could suggest would be NG medals, but that's not a necessity, the game itself is really very good. Top notch work, and hats off to you all!


Although i have noticed that after i complete a level i still get hit, so i can't go to the item shop to buy items without dying.


playing this game brought back alot of good memories of games long past.
the only thing bad I have to say about the game is the occaisional lag.