Reviews for "Bitejacker"

Cool game. No other words.

Mortal kombat's pop-ups are really funny and this "boye-e-e-e" when you pick up lifes is making me smile every time. Very awesome game.

Just a few bugs:
- some zombies(it seems those who where not on the screen by the time you press "space", but not only them - some unlocked monsters do wherever they are) continue moving in "double rainbow mode"(even when you stand still enabling this mode)
- you can pick up team members while in "double rainbow mode", so you can press "a"+"d" repeatedly till all team groups in one point and then you press "space" and pick them all so you won't have to pick a long chain of team members later.
- first boss gets stuck near boxes and doesn't move
- sometimes the progress bar of searching isn't showed, so you don't know what you are about to pick up
- not actually a bug, but "killsteak" bar with all that blood isn't helpfull - there is no achievement for kills-in-a-row and you don't see what's behind that bar
- you put your teammates near a search area, activate "double rainbow mode" and they continue to pick up items all the time you are getting in this mode
- when a new monster is unlocked and the card of it is shown the coins that fell from zombies just before that do not dissapear and couldn't be picked up
- you have to run fast all level to be sure survivors won't be killed and then return to pick up stuff, kind of lame to run the level twice, and you even can't come back to the start of a level - only to a half


i sat here for about an hour gunnen em down the power ups and commentary is insanely epic, add games to favorites HELL YEA the music made it all too good even
like when someones hurting the music darkens and when your being a badass the music rocks the fuck up!

Awesome Game

This is seriously one of the best survival games I've played. And I love the power ups when you just take out a whole wave of zombies. Also you did an amazing job on incorporating the iconic mechanics of zombie survival games. 10/10

man this is great

i love this game man finaly a good zombie game in years thanks man now i once agn love zombie games btw im not counting left 4 dead becouse thos arnt teknekly zombies