Reviews for "Bitejacker"

omg so epic

this is the most funest game evr

Wow, Just wow.

Game was nearly perfect. For the most part, it worked as intended. However, there were some things I had to take issue with and are as follows.

1. The guns felt.. well.. Too weak overall. The whole armor piercing line felt rather under powered despite going through several enemies. Even the lazer gun didn't seem to really help much. The only weapon that seemed to really scale well was the machine gun. The Shotgun felt like it capped at Shotgun 2, the Missle launcher, while having better projectile range, didn't seem to have as big of a blast radius as the shotgun. Not to mention it had fewer bullets. Overall, it felt like a downgrade to the shotgun itself.

2. The upgrades/achievements took FOREVER to get. Granted, I managed to get them all by the end of the game, but it felt like most took too long.

3. The item upgrades [ammo and health] felt underwhelming for their prices. Not to mention the fact that the highest tier was only slightly better than previous. Why buy 3 bullets when you can buy two and one for a far far far lower price?

4. The survivors were well.. Annoying. Most tended to spawn with Zombies ontop of them, making it a mad rush to get to them before they were killed outright. Assuming you could get there in time of course.Not to mention when you had a LOT of survivors, they tended to make it difficult for them to not take damage. Especially when they're pretty much trailing the length of half the screen.

5. The special attacks were.. rather lacking for the amount they took from the meter. At least this is true for anthony. I didn't bother playing the other. But, his special stops all zombies in their tracks and lets him kill them on collision. This sounds good, but for one, if you do it, all of the survivors with you stop following you all of a sudden. Two, its VERY short. And often, it tends to end when you're way too close to the enemy for comfort. And while we're on the subject, the melee attack seemed like the only decent action to me. Since it could be done when reloading and kills everything on top of you. But it takes such a long time, and is so short range that enemies that were outside of its range tend to be right on top of you again when its done.

And finally..

6. Those damn boxes/baracades/whatever. They took waaay too many hits to destroy. Even meleeing them takes two hits, and the only thing that can destroy them in one is rockets. With as many as there are and how often they are in the way of survivors, it feels like they were designed merely to soak up bullets. Especially when they don't have a explosive cannister or car near by.

But beyond those issues? Game was fantastic. Reminded me a bit of Zombies Ate my Neighbors.

Wonderful Game!

This has been more than fun to play ! I enjoyed it from start to finish but with some minor tweaks. Some Upgrades are way too annoying to max out , example moonwalking. The Health one also made no sense o.O I barely ever got hit so I only had a max hp of 120% lol which turned out to be more than enough tho for the last boss.

Some glitches I noticed was getting stuck in random invisible things, shooting an enemy close to me and it took no damage, and finally some A.I would already be dead even tho I rushed without stopping or shooting anything from the start o.O

I didn't like the fact that your "friends" you saved would search for you, I found myself losing 9 mags of shotgun 2 for a A.Piercing gun... which sucks btw, even the lazor is bogus. I find it silly you cannot purchase another shotgun2 for example if you carry one already.. all you have to do is waste all the bullets in the stage and buy a new one and get more bullets than if you simply bought em in the shop ( not to mention cheaper! )

Bosses were easy , infact too easy =/

Oh and possibly the biggest glitch in the game! I had to redo 26-30 because it told me I didn't bring 6 Rescuers that I was needing ( it showed 29/35 on the game progress window) and I was infact carrying 6 with me! When I looked it said 31/35... but in actuality it required 40 when I went through the stages again -_- Might want to Fix that =)!

Overall this was a gem , a perfect game for a first game too ! The Second playable char was by far the best, his Dodge is deadly once maxed out ( actually rushes into monsters super sayan like ) and his Special maxed out is totally insane and kills the whole map ( except for bigger baddies )

Definitely hoping for a sequel to this ^^

Crunk Fo'Shizzle

All my stars belong to this game Overall its a good game Unlike many zombie games this one of those rare good zombie shooting games

me too nanerules

i also love the renfrences