Reviews for "Bitejacker"


It has zombies, aliens, characters from other games (and from movies), weapons, blood, hordes of enemies, power-ups and is addictive. This game is almost perfect. (Would be perfect with clowns). One of the best games I ever played =D


The upgrades and grinding are a fantastic idea, as is 'unlocking' harder enemies, but the gameplay itself was mind-numbingly slow and tedious. A faster movement speed and more powerful weapons would have made it felt less like I was taking half an hour to kill the same five zombies, but could be balanced by having more zombies on screen at once.

Super sick and nice progress system.

his is definetly better than Boxhead!


Not so much fun as it is addicting. its one of those games you can play when you get really bored and play for hours


ill gift you a 5/5 but a 5/10, because the bug mess all the fun play..