Reviews for "Bitejacker"


Badass game! Fun throughout, and excellent gameplay to boot! My only disdain is that there weren't more weapons to obtain.


Great game, I love the action, it's all around pretty perfect for me. I just wish there were more achievements and weapons.

Great game

This game is brilliant. I love the gameplay and the action, and the progression works really well

Awesome, but...

This game is great, but it seems like I can't play anymore.. The intro loops and loops and loops, can somebody help me?

Secretbase responds:

I'm not fully sure about the bug, but so far, it seems that it happens when you are in another window or tab when the game is loaded. Hope that helps.

Good Game overall

This is a good game but the game play is awfull the movement of the character is too slow and the weapons take too long to reload....but good game all the same

Secretbase responds:

The character moves slower when you move backwards from where you're facing. Things like reload and walking speed improves quickly after a few tries though :)