Reviews for "Bitejacker"


Remined me at ZAMN the exit and stuff nicely done.

A very well made game

It's not often that you come across these types of games on here; where you can see the quality and time put into the submission. I think you did a very good job at creating a fun and humorous game that is very addictive.

good job :)



Very fun!

I thought this might actually be something more authentic like how it was shown at the beginning. What I mean is, I thought it would be more about actually giving us more online games. Then again, this website already has that down by a longshot. It was just great to shoot these zombies over and over. At first, I was afraid we were just going to shoot that one zombie at the beginning. If only the graphics of the whole game were like those in the opening cutscenes.

It did get a little annoying with how you had to manually go out and collect the coins. Still, that does give you the oppurtunity to at least kill more zombies! The powerups were also presented in a nifty and original way. Be sure that your buddy goes wherever you go. The graphics are still very well designed and give you a great sense of classic arcade games!

Great Work

You have really worked hard for this game and it is shown while playing this game.