Reviews for "Bitejacker"

Awesome, but...

The game itself is pretty fun, and the "VIP" characters most of the times made me chuckle, but there is a glitch on the "E.T" , no matter how much i run, and how soon i try to dodge him, he still manages to damage me, even though i'm "2 or 3 zombies" distance from him, it made me die for the first time in the game, if that could be fixed, it would be great. Overall, a great game.


need medals awesome game needs more upgrades and guns cool i even add it to my favourite bar every day i play it the best keep it up io/io 10/10


the secind a survivor said thriller night baby i relaised it whas MJ

It was alright

but it gets boring after a while

It's too cruel!

Load game only for mochi!? Why?

Secretbase responds:

You can load your game as long as you play it at the same URL, just like every other game. But if you're a mochi user, you can load your game even on a different URL Guess I should have made that clearer :)