Reviews for "Bitejacker"


How can it be? But i think that doors from end of survival stage looking exactly like in snes game Zombie Ate my Neighbour and people and zombies are like from pixel force left for dead!

very nice game but

can the music be down loadable,and can the zombies spawn not near the barricaded exit because they can gang and corner u while trying to destroy the breakable barricades that blocks the exit


first of all graphics are amazing , best part of this game in my opinion , because i love retro style , also music , sounds , voice acting is great...BUT worst part is gameplay - it's hard to protect VIPs , zombies almost every time make it to them sooner than me , and they just die...with just shotgun you can't even protect them at a distance...also my characters kept coliding with objects in the game , sometimes i felt like they are stopping just because of reloading or facing different direction... and weapons...you get like 2 : shotgun , machine gun...plus few upgraded versions of them with limited ammo...what about pistols , having more than one gun or weapon at once ? that would be great... i have said my opinions - 6/10

Good, but...

The only problem I had with this game is that it lagged so much, that it seemed almost unplayable once you got to the later levels. Most of the music was great too, but it got annoying to hear the same song over and over again. I know you can change the song, but the only way to do that is to quit and go back in, making you loose money. I must admit, though, that the game was pretty funny with it's video game references. If it doesn't lag so much for me, and the music can easily be changed, I might enjoy it more.


Nice clean fun! The only thing that could have made it better is if it supported multiplayer. :P