Reviews for "Bitejacker"

Great game

Great animation and gameplay and it was even funny and I dont think anything on Newgrounds is funny (>..)> <(..<)

This game is very well-made!

Surprisingly well-made animations, sound effects, music, and very addicting gameplay. I suppose the only thing I could suggest would be NG medals, but that's not a necessity, the game itself is really very good. Top notch work, and hats off to you all!

man this is great

i love this game man finaly a good zombie game in years thanks man now i once agn love zombie games btw im not counting left 4 dead becouse thos arnt teknekly zombies

rad rad rad!

very very awesome enjoyed it thouroughly,only one thing i didnt like/which was annoying was i found i had to run to the exit to save all the survivours else while i was getting treasures they would get killed.


Oh Man.. how we say here... "me saco el sombrero u.u" *reverences* ok.. this game only have to wear a t-shirt with "EPIC WIN ZOMBIE GAME" (I Found a bug with the first boss, when he runs to the top.. he can make leak and he cant move) Glorious!!!