Reviews for "Bitejacker"

Lol @ Mortal Kombat reference

Very good job and a high qualtity game! I really liked the different small jokes in the game!

*thumbs up*


Great game. Crushing zombies was never that good before.

Btw, shotgun 2 it's the best weapon in game imo. The rocket launcher isn't that great as I thought.

Anyways, congratulations :)


Why I can't play this game? everything I press takes me main menu?

Secretbase responds:

Have you manage to start the game by now? All you have to do was to press enter on the title screen, go to game start, and select "let's go" on the right hand side of the screen.


This is one of the greates games ive played on NG to date.

It is worthy a PS/Xbox Live Download

Great little game

Very solid game that has that great indie pixel art feel. My main issue with it was the confusing upgrade and progression system. I'd buy upgrades and not notice a different, or unlock abilities and just not know how.

Death seemed like too great a penalty as well. The interface was just a bit confusing overall.