Reviews for "Bitejacker"

O)o where can i buy this game from oh wait i CANT!


good game

its decent but not best zombie game


best zombie game ever

Good zombie game

Usual praise; great sprite work, music, controls, etc. I even caught the Metal Slug reference at the start of each level and I believe the sound effect that plays as you go through your progress is taken from Friday the 13th on the NES. Great game but a few problems:

Levels repeat too much. If it wasn't for the progress guide you'd swear you're stuck in a loop and it was a matter of sloppy programming. One level actually started me at the End.

You accidentally get items you don't want: Whether it's party members being too close to it or the item is right next to a path you need to take, it's very easy to get the bad weapons. It really sucks when you finally have the Heavy Machine Gun and you spent 5K on ammo for it and you accidentally get the Laser Gun which is pretty worthless against bosses.

Saving progress: Sounds like a good idea on paper to give the player an option to quit and retain 70% of their money or forfeit almost all of it. Problem is that sometimes Flash takes a shit and crashes. It's an issue with Flash itself and not really your fault, but when it crashes and the amount of time it takes to get back to where you were at is a real kick to the balls.

Only one character is useful: The guy with the Shotgun and the dodge is the proper choice. His shotty pushes the zombies away and kills them in 2 shots. The other guy runs out of ammo too quickly and his Machine Gun doesn't push them away enough, and his Melee is limited to maybe 3 shots?

That's about it. Great game.

It's OK...

The set up and evrything is great with the acception of being overly repeditive for most levels-and upgrades in the shop not lasting.