Reviews for "Bitejacker"

Loved it!

LOved all the references!

Zombies ate my neighbors, burn the rope, earthbound, mario, etc!


That being said, it held my attention enough to where I have played it more than one day and for more than an hour. There was an issue I saw with buying ammo though. The +1 mag is 1600, +2 3200, and +3 6400, which would be great if you got 4 seeing as how you were doubling the price, but youre simply losing the ratio of money to ammo thus costing more, making it more economical to simply buy a +1 and +2 for a combined total of 4800. Just thought Id say something. <3

Good game though XD


Good animation.
It is addicting.
Very good soundtrack and sounds.
Cool Story line.
Start making BiteJacker =D

Nice game but has bad things

First.The game is repetive and i same over and over again. 6-

Second.The game has nice concept. 3+

Third.This game has nice pixel graphics 1+

Fourth:Same like other games its all about killing zombies a bit ripoff. 4-

5.Has cool intro and voice acting. 2+

6.The game is too easy -2

7.The music is cool 4+

So this is a 8

good starting point, but flawed

Its too easy to get hung up on scenery, and destructible objects need to be more apparent, make them red or something. The main thing though is the shop. Theres no real incentive to buy anything except health. Why save up all that money just to buy a gun that will be gone a minute into the next stage, or even quicker than that if you accidentally pick up another weapon? Change the shop into incremental upgrades for found, PERMANENT weapons, that way theres an actual sense of progress and reward. As it is now everything just kinda feels useless and disposable.