Reviews for "El Niño Moco The Game"

Simply Great

I enjoyed playing this shooting gallery of a game. I just wish there were more choice for guns.

kind of boring

the menu is pretty awesome

Overly simplistic, controversial, but the graphics and gameplay seem nice, although it would benefit from a quality setting... the lag done me in :(

Promise then plummet

When i saw the arcady interface i was like YES!!! But when playing the game the most fun came out of seeing what the enmeies do when they hit you. Im still confused as to what the blonde, bucktooth, crackhead does but ohwell. I stopped playing when i saw we where shooting babies now.

Thats just cheap man... I guess if i was a wanna-be degenerate, teen from the suburbs and never saw dead babies or hookers that would be funny...but im not. Anyway, the game was decent nothing to right home about and not enough variables to keep me interested.

Decent job, at-least i liked the music.


Very boring game. I was bored in the first level, but I played till the third level to see if there was going to be anything interesting about the game, and I was let down. There aren't even any new guns!