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Reviews for "High Tea"

Unusual and good

It came out really good.
At first the instructions weren't completely clear on how to play but I guess that's 'cause you've got to check lots of stuff at the same time.
Anyway, by playing five minutes you get the hang of it and it's good and entertaining, I got Master Smuggler in my second try.

Keep up the good work!


Unlike most other games where you have drug dealers trading goods and low buy, high sell, and no time limit, this one is unique. It adds a certain twist that most games don't. I mean, who would think of a game where you trade tea instead of other things like drugs or weapons. Although I wished that the prices of tea would go down alot more, those damn british teamongers. Anyway, for any person that would like to know a good stradegy for it, here it is.

Always buy low but sell to ones that have like 20 chests for 85g a chest. That's a good deal. BUT, never ever buy too much at once. If there is a REALLY good deal for opium, buy about 2 or 3 30's. Otherwise you may wind up crashing the market and opium prices would skyrocket and never go down 40, just like i did.

Almost never go into a risky area because I found that they always bust you. And it sucks donkey dick. So try not to overload many docks with opium at once. You could find yourself with little docks to choose from.

Lastly, if you find yourself falling behind on the deadline, DONT PANIC! You could make a fatal mistake by buying a really bad deal. Check the prices of 15 and 5 as well, not just 30. Sometimes 15 could be a better deal than a large bulk of chests.

Hope this helps some of you! Excellent game btw. :3


Nice game. By the way - you don't get money for tea because it's queens order for you. My guess is, that your rights to have ships and to trade in foreign country were given to you by queen but you had to comply with her wishes. Though it's wise to buy out tea as soon as prices drop, same for opium - just mash '30' button until price rises above 30 coins. When Lin is starting to get interested with your trades, do not sell to risky ports - you will get caught. If you've saved bribe card, and deal was good (ie: 50 chests for 99/chest), then use it, you will get your money ;) Cheers


awesome game very well done i love every bit of it the design the menu everything well made game amazing job guys awesome your all awesome.


Kind of easy, ended with a score of 58,444,992, think I could have done better, but ah well, game completed. I think it's safe to say I won simply because at random points in time the Opium AND tea would drop to 7 and I'd be able to buy around 150-360 crates of both before they rose to 20+ again. Maybe I'll favorite the game, it is a bit relaxing.