Reviews for "High Tea"

wow great game

i like this game a lot, it is quite challenging
i got a score of 7,908,480
and a fine trader rank


So i spent a long long time on this game. i got to the final shipment 4 times, missing the final one by 60 tea chests or something. . . so close. . .. so yes i find the game hard, i failed to change history and i'm fed up. Other than that, I LIKE IT LOTS!!!!

Fucking tea

buy opium
sell opium
buy tea. fuck yeah.

I whanna tea :)

Nice game u should get medals :) 9/10 because nice graphic good music and this game is wery simply

Unusual and good

It came out really good.
At first the instructions weren't completely clear on how to play but I guess that's 'cause you've got to check lots of stuff at the same time.
Anyway, by playing five minutes you get the hang of it and it's good and entertaining, I got Master Smuggler in my second try.

Keep up the good work!