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Reviews for "High Tea"


The concept of buying low, selling high has been around for a while, but it feels like a totally new game when your playing High Tea, its all around addictive and fun, fast paced, and never a dull moment.
Keep up the good work!

Pretty good

Taking a Chinese history class, so I know all about the opium wars. So why is it that my ships get impounded when I sell too much to one port, but the war started because merchants had to give up their opium stocks?

The game itself does put a lot of pressure on you though, and I think that's a good thing. Kinda wish tea prices would drop more often but it's great as it is.

Manage to Beat it!

It is based on luck sometimes that the only think I don'r like
My score was 101,578,220.
I manage to finish it I was hard.
I lost a couple of time and only missing like 60 tea!!
I liked this game so simple yet so fun and addicted

it was good until

a bug showed up
after playing this for a few times a bug showed up and the timer stopped working and i manged to go all the way to the end. But there was no longer a game over when the mood counter reached 0


its awesome