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Reviews for "High Tea"


u dont get money for selling ur tea apparently lol

this game was a ton of fun and I did great too. :)

your score: 68,398,689
your rank: a wealthy retirement awaits you
2,820 crates sent to britain: 564 billion cups of tea drunk
2,425 crates of opium sold to china: 243 million opium users
I would say I did a good job. Loved the game mainly for how fast paced it was. It got very intense at the very end. 10/10 5/5

A super trading game

A very good game ^^

graphic: is functional but still looks very nice

Sounds and music: are very atmoshperic and good.

Controls: are very easy to learn and easy to use.

Gameplay: very addicting, easy to get into, but hard to master. It's awesome. Events are well placed.and gives the game atmosphere.

I reached the final tea delivery, but failed to get enough tea in the end. I will try again ^^

wow, one of my favorite historical games!

Wonderful graphics. The gameplay was very smooth for me. The different events that happened, i.e. bribe card et al. gave the gameplay an interesting factor other than watching the prices of tea and opium increase and decrease.
There were times when the game was so hectic in the trading of opium with the deals popping up. But it is that factor that gives this game the edge.
My only negative side to this game was that the gameplay was not long enough. It had allowed me to get in to it, but did not allow me to further enjoy the game.

46,545,440=432 billion cups of tea!

SCORED 28,333,800! (318 billion cups of tea)

Excellent game! Difficult enough to be entertaining but not frustrating, really fast paced too. I just wish there was a little more to it. Expand a little, this is a good concept!