Reviews for "High Tea"

awesome interface

I would just like to give you props for the UI design, and interface that the player interacts with. It alone deserves at-least a 10. Great job on the transitions, and cloud effects. Over all awesome graphic design. Id give the game a proper go butt i only have so much time in the day. Besides i think the game just isn't...MY cup of Tea....hehehe. Sorry for the bad pun !

Great Game


2,820 Crates shipped to Bitain= 564 Billion Cups of Tea Drunk
2757 Crates sold to china = 276 Million Opium Users


Nice game. By the way - you don't get money for tea because it's queens order for you. My guess is, that your rights to have ships and to trade in foreign country were given to you by queen but you had to comply with her wishes. Though it's wise to buy out tea as soon as prices drop, same for opium - just mash '30' button until price rises above 30 coins. When Lin is starting to get interested with your trades, do not sell to risky ports - you will get caught. If you've saved bribe card, and deal was good (ie: 50 chests for 99/chest), then use it, you will get your money ;) Cheers


Selling drugs to the addicts down at china.
Gotta love West India Co. Right?


Thought this was a pretty simple and addicting game.