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Reviews for "High Tea"


i get it and its a cool idea but i failed on the first level ...23 weeks a delivery was due i bought 30 chests of opium...and nothing happened the weeks just went down to zero the meter went down to zero and by the time a deal popped up to sell my opium it was too late and i failed

High quality flash game

NG should have more of these, this game is very good in all aspects... only con is that it's not long enough! But hey, good games are ALWAYS not long enough.. = pp

Perfect difficulty balance, very polished graphics, nice sounds, good gameplay, overall feeling A++ and I even learned some history (whithout feeling sick, lol)!

Keep up the good work!

Very Good!

Fantastic game. The gameplay is great and the graphics are too. I really like how it puts increasing pressure on you, but I can almost never make that last tea shipment! Maybe if you make another you could provide difficulty options, but that is a minor complaint. Great game.

love it

124,707,470 !!!

one of the most ertertaining games of the year

so far! great work :-D