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Reviews for "High Tea"

Lots of fun, buuuuuut...

Could you find it in your heart to give the option to sell your boats? There is no earthly reason I should need 5 at any time in the game... I have at most 3 in use at any given time. Being able to get even one emergency $1000 injection of capital in the last ten seconds of the game would have gotten me through...

One of the best strategy games i have played!

Great game! Truly addicting!
Only problem is that when i had to get 510 cases of tea, it was almost impossible, the tea price went up at the last seconds, ughhhh. so close...

good game

only complaint is that the last demand is way too high; 600 would be achievable but 660 is too much. Or you could make buying a bit quicker.


Good stuff. Do opium and tea prices skew upwards on purpose as the game gets tougher? Seems like that. I also find myself forgetting to buy tea and curse to myself when I see the tea ship and panic myself.

What sucks is when I spam an opium market that has a price nosedive, only to see it go up whilst one of those deals is going on because I've made the demand spike. Ah well.


Very nice, but after 5 or 6 games, no more people wanted to buy opium AT ALL, so I ended with lots of opium and nobody wanting it. I don't know if this is a bug or people just get tired of opium, lol