Reviews for "High Tea"

Wonderful, Even for a Strategy N00b~

I resisted playing this, because it looked too difficult and I tend to suck at strategy games. But the instructions were VERY helpful and the layout was easy to understand! I actually enjoyed it and could appreciate its historical accuracy. Nice job!
Note: This game also shines a new light on having a "Tea Party"...

Excellent Game

This game has a great concept to it and the graphics are INCREDIBLE. Superb Production! 10/10 5/5

Brilliant work!

This game is highly addictive, especially for fans of the strategy genre.

Not only that, I'd like to particularly highlight the educational aspect of this game, which, in my honest opinion, should be precisely how educational games should be created! This game alone informed me about a period in history that I heard of, but never was interested enough to read up on. Better yet, it informed me in a manner that I deeply appreciate, encompassing fun and learning all in one.

Great work! Keep it up.

Though, some improvements that could be made. Perhaps there could be more bits of information to suggest the price trends in the game. It might make it more challenging to be attempting to predict the trends, and keeping watch over the opium transactions to fuel the tea trade.


i always love these games


love the game, it was worth my time :)