Reviews for "High Tea"

booring and bad game

booring and bad game...

Good gameplay

This game has the basic buy sell system that's still super addictive.
Simple, yet brilliant!

I don't know if the fluctuation of prices are random or programmed. If random, they make the game pretty luck based, unless it's programmed to have at least 2-3 times a low price situation for tea or opium.

I suggest u keep on the good work.
This game has a nice potential and can be upgraded to more complexity.
f.e: upgrade in demand by investing in countries, installing an overall marketsystem by colonising (higher prices)...

Ok but...

Really good, a unique gameplay experience and horribly addictive. Just a bit too hard is all. 5/5 but only 9/10. Worth your time folks!

Not my type of game

Got a bit boring after a while but good game

As Addictive as Opium

This game is as addictive as the opium that's traded within it.

Great style, simple instructions, monstrously catchy. Sounds are great, graphics are smooth, and replay value is through the roof!

Though this genre of game has been well explored since "Drug Wars" was released for the TI-83, High Tea gives a refreshing new spin on it, and teaches you history too!