Reviews for "Danny The Crab"


the ending was awesome that made this video deserve a 10 the animation was also good

Funny enough

I have to wonder why a crab though?

Just when you thought all was lost...

Its STILL %$#&-in' Lost...! I moaned at the melodramatic music when it started, hoping against all hope that this wasn't some political-message motivated drama piece (If I want to be depressed, I'll look in the mirror...), but then you pull up from hitting the mountain mere seconds from impact. Very funny, indeed, and very well, directed... However, if, I say IF, you were making a statement about employment in this country, you still did a good job. I didn't want this to get long, but I love it when Republicans pass by a homeless guy, covered in a thick film of his own waste and wearing everything he owns in the world and they say, "Get a JOB...!"... Yeah, Y'know what you pretty much HAVE to have to get a job...? An ADDRESS...! and clean clothes, shower facilities, money for transportation, ETC. I KNOW this is just a funny bit of comedy, but it really does hit right on the point of the matter......... However, I think he'd have had a better chance if he didn't wear that worn Top Hat at the interview... Even if it was a nice hat, you're supposed to take it off indoors..... Plus, wearing a Top Hat is, anachronistically, about 90 years out of date, fashion wise...... But, then again, I thought the main character looked delicious, so who am I to judge...? ................ Um, does anybody know what time "Red Lobster" closes...?
PS. For years I wondered in the back of my head why they named it "Red Lobster"....... Now I realize that if they named it "Brown Lobster", it probably wouldn't have done as well....... Kinda gives the impression that all the seafood gets delivered once a month in the trunk of some shady looking guy's car or something.....But, thats just my opinion...


Ending = win. I like the music too!


The music at the end i f*cking amazing