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Reviews for "Tiptoe"

You music is very narrative, I can see myself walking into the forest. :)
I really like it! :D

CainRedfield responds:

Thanks! I was going for a very specific feeling with song, so I'm glad you think I nailed it :D

Reminiscent of my favourite film of all time - Princess Mononoke (man I can listen to that soundtrack non-stop for hours and... Well Wolf-girl isn't too bad either.. Ahem I digress), I LOVE the pizzicato strings in this. Perfect setting for the woods.

It's funny, often people say "I bet you can't wait to get some professional sounding instruments" but I think the charm of this piece may be ruined if you changed the sounds too much, unless you really knew what you were doing and managed to keep that warm, rounded sound that it has now.

CainRedfield responds:

Thanks! I think a lot of that warm feeling you're getting is just the simple addition of a low frequency sine wave in the background of this track. Who'd have thought that some of the tricks I learnt from writing DnB and electronic style music could come in handy in orchestral pieces like this too.